Saturday, May 8, 2010

Motley Thoughts

I love this little gal! I can't find out who made her though :-( if anyone knows, please let me know!

So, Motley may not have been an accurate word. Perhaps scattered would've been better but I liked the sound of motley...

We have 5 itty bitty little kitties under our backporch! I have loved playing with them with the kids. We are trying to tame them so we can find them good homes. Momma is a stray.

I helped Kevin do some work on an apartment in the next town over the past few days. Cleaning and painting mostly. It went really well. Like all things.. if I don't have to deal with people I'm all good!

I must go to Mass tomorrow! I'm dragging my feet. I'm not wanting to go. I'm wanting to give up. I've even been online searching for other churches. I know why. I know what it is.

I am afraid. I am scared to death that my annulment will be denied. I am afraid to invest myself further into this church when I might always be on the "outside." I also know that this is silly. This is not the way to handle things. But, yet I continue like a toy train on a track. Going around in circles and ending up back in the same place. I have a need to feel like I belong. I have a fear of not belonging.

But, I will survive! I will grow and I will learn and everything will work out according to HIS will. I know this. I trust in this. So no worries :-)

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend. Spring has definitely sprung here in rural VA!


Karinann said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I am going through the annulment process myself so I know how difficult it can be (I keep losing witnesses-still need one more before I can submit everything)
But take it from someone who left her Catholic faith and returned- it is definitely worth anything and everything.
God Bless!

Katie said...

Prayers for you and a quick and easy annulment!

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