Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Incredible Week! Loving my husband!

I've had an incredible week! Sure there are ups and downs as always but I've been attending an online conference at A Woman Inspired and it has rocked my world!! I've heard lots of things that I've talked about here before and things I haven't even thought about.

I owe this all to God and of course to E-Mom from Chrysalis and a giveaway that I was fortunate to win!

We've had lovely talks this week! It is 3 days long with 4 sessions each day. I've met some wonderful Christian women and can't wait to join in on another conference in the near future!

Here are a few speakers that really touched my heart!

Cindy Beall spoke about things that we can do to protect our marriages. Not that there is any way to guarantee that you wont have problems but some ways to head them off at the pass. She is a fabulous speaker and can be found here where she talks openly about the near death of her marriage. When she told her story my heart broke and I literally got goosebumps! Cindy really touched my heart!

Lynn Donovan did a segment called "Who Killed Cinderella" that was fabulous! We all have a fairytale idea of marriage and men and even children before we get married and even after. These expectations lead us to alot of disappointment. Of course I'm sure our husbands have fairytale ideas as well! You can visit Lynn here where she deals alot with unequally yoked marriages! For some reason I always have to click the home button on her page to get the graphics to load. Not sure if that's just me so if you think the page looks funky, click the "H" button in the upper left.

Sheila Wray Gregoire also did a session and has one more today! Most of you probably already know her. I was excited to see her on the list when I was already following her blog and visiting her website! She is so charismatic, funny, sassy and REAL! She spoke on "Affair Proof Your Marriage" which of course even she said isn't exactly possible. We had so much fun with Sheila! I can't wait to hear her again this afternoon! Visit Sheila at To Love Honor and Vacuum.

Joann Heim had to be the most passionate speaker I have ever listened to! I cannot imagine hearing her speak in person. She truly makes you feel what she says. There is so much emotion in her voice that when she sounds like she might cry, you almost cry! When she's excited, you are excited! She truly has a gift of sharing. She spoke on storms and though I missed some of her beginning story due to a technical glitch I fell in love with her instantly! Her and her husband blog dealing with mental illness in marriage among other things. Definitely check her out!! The Simple Wife and Our Crazy Marriage

Courtney Joseph is another fabulous speaker! It's hard to pick a favorite because they were all great and the topics were so different. However, Courtney spoke about things that were so close to my heart and so in line with where I want my life to go that I have visited her more since her session than any other speaker! She spoke on 5 Ways to become the wife of your husbands dream! She spoke alot about pleasing your husband, loving your husband, putting him first. This is something of a goal of mine. Something that I'm working towards! I will most likely write more on this later as it's so important to me right now! I've posted alot about how I believe society is breaking our men down. Not only is it affecting them but it is deeply affecting us as well! I think we should raise our Men up! Anyway.. I could go on for hours about this! Visit Courtney at Women Living Well.

P.S. She speaks about her Good Morning Girls groups. I'm starting one so if you are interested in it, let me know!!!

That's all for now but I will be back! I must get some chores done before the next session starts!!


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I'm not really sure about all the details of the Good Morning Girls group, but I think I'd like to join. Fill me in!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Awwww - thank you so much for such kind words!!! I am so thankful that God touched your heart and your man is SO lucky to have a wife who desires to please God and him so much! You are a blessing!

Mary B said...

I am so behind...sounds like a fantastic conference! Thanks for sharing the websites.

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