Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday was the Mass where the RCIA candidates were welcomed into full communion with the church. It really reminded me of a graduation. That's what it was like. I felt very proud of my classmates who had grown so much this year, learned, cultivated friendships and no doubt experienced tremendous growth and change in their lives.

Yes, I felt like the kid that was held back due to bad decisions on my part but it was wonderful to watch. I hoped that they felt the love and the joy. It was not as hard to watch as I thought it would be thanks to the grace of God. I didn't even tear up until the reception when I was talking with my sponsor about the whole ordeal.

I know that I may never know or understand the reason but I often like to speculate. I wonder if I somehow need this time of wanting and being unable in order to cement my desire and my commitment? I may never know but I know there is a reason and that it is good.

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