Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally Friday!

I feel like singing that song I hear on the radio "It's finally friday.." What a week!

We are preparing for Brandons baptism at the Easter Vigil. Of course this includes Confirmation, First Communion and the whole 9 yards. We have his outfit prepared and procrastinating has left me needing to still hem the pants! He's happy with his shoes which he needed anyway and were on sale. I was surprised I expected him to complain about dress shoes. Kevin isn't going to be able to make it. He requested Sunday off and didn't realize it was Saturday night. Hopefully he can get in late if I can manage to save a seat... right!

I don't remember much that I've posted this week. Kevin went to PA on Monday to pick up our oldest who was visiting friends and the trip didn't work out so well. It was good to have her back home!

Katelin our middle daughter has her first "real" boyfriend! He's teaching her to play guitar and they have gone to a church play this week with his family.

Brandon was home sick yesterday and has a friend coming over after school.

I managed to pop the waterbed yesterday... I know not to have sharp objects on the bed. We've had this bed for years and I have had waterbeds off and on my whole life because I LOVE them! But, I was being lazy and taking the sleeves off of an old shirt for Brandon using a stitch ripper... I adjusted my position and "pop!" Now, there were two blankets on the bed so I thought I was safe. That it didn't go in... When I finished and got up, my entire rear end was soaked!

We had been considering getting rid of the bed and going back to regular mattresses so I took this as a sign and proceeded to drain the bed. I don't have the drain kit anymore so I used an old garden hose. It took forever but after getting it out I realized it really was time! So we stuck a mattress in the frame for the night. I have to go pick up Katelin's daybed and then we can have our bed and frame back from her room.

I've gotten the first coat of mud on the walls in the living room. I hope to have it finished by the end of summer! lol

and I'm feeling incredibly talkative today...


evanscove said...

Congratulations on Brandon's getting baptized tonight. I'm getting ready to head off to my church as well for the Easter Vigil. This marks 3 years that I've been Catholic. I pray that God will bless Brandon as he begins his new life in Christ. Have a wonderful Resurrection Day!

Mary B said...

Hope all went well...Happy Easter

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Wishing you a happy Easter!

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