Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bible Study

This may come out choppy at best today. I'm suffering from a horrific sinus headache but am bored senseless!

I've struggled with this book of all books! The Bible alludes me. It intimidates me, it scares me, it confuses and yes at times ::gasp:: it bores me. Bore is probably too harsh because I feel like I don't know how to read it I find it hard to stay involved. I always come back. I keep trying but it continues to allude me.

I've bought study guides, I have tried and tried to read different books. Nothing is working for me.

First let me say that generally the way my mind works is this.
1. Decide what I want to do
2. Learn all I can about it
3. Do it well

haha it doesn't work that way this time! I can't learn everything, I cannot be great at it, I certainly cannot be the best. So basically this goes completely and totally against my natural tendencies! I know I'm approaching this all wrong. Truly I do. I know that I need to approach this all from an emotional level and not an intellectual level but I struggle with that daily.

So, please dear readers! Share with me your experiences with reading the Good Word!

It boils down to the fact that I feel ignorant. I feel ignorant because I am ignorant :-)


Devin Rose said...

I suggest getting the Navarre Study Bible (New Testament) or the Ignatius Study Bible. Then you can read the Bible with a faithful and excellent commentary and notes.

Sarah Harkins said...

I'm with you Jules- I can never find enough commentary and notes to answer all my questions in one specific study bible. I wish I had taken some scripture classes back at F.U.S!

Suzanne said...

I think if you are at least making good effort to read the daily readings or one of the books ...maybe even touch areas that keep you close to Jesus. I don't think He wants to cause fear in us, unless we need to think about ourselves, if that makes sense. I just read Tobit for the first time the other evening..all the way through. I have relied much on Mass Readings, but I do need to read more and was thinking about this just recently. Thank you for bringing this us..double tap on my shoulder, I think.

evanscove said...

First of all, please try to relax. :-)

The important thing right now is that you're making a go at it. Good for you! We all have to start somewhere.

And I suspect the feelings you're dealing with are normal. Heaven knows I've felt that way at times, as much as I love the Word! The Bible is a big book, for starters; it's not like picking up a magazine or short novel. There are parts, especially in the Old Testament (such as the genealogies and laws) that will be, well, rather dull, unless you're the scholarly type.

So keep it up! I'm afraid I don't know of any study Bibles or reference books to recommend. God bless you as you explore His Word!


Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and ideas! I have been considering some classes just to satisfly my educational curiosity and am continuing my nightly readings. I think I should definitely start with daily readings - I use to do that...

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