Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where have you been?

I know I haven't blogged much lately. There are numerous reasons :-) Although I have still found time most days to read everyone elses!

#1 - It is beautiful outside!! I mean really beautiful! I've spent most of my days and even evenings outside this week.

#2 - My living room project. I have been sanding and stripping every sun lit hour of the day it seems like. Trying to get as much done before the rain comes as possible! I can do the mudding when the rain starts :-)

#3 - Hubbys birthday is coming! I had the grand idea in the middle of renovating the living room that it would be swell to have a surprise birthday/poker party for him and invite all of his friends... What was I thinking? I'm not so sure now! lol

No really, I was thinking that he's such an awesome guy and he does so much for everyone. He has wanted to have a poker party for months and with my anxiety issues I haven't let him. it seemed like the perfect thing to do for him.

#4 - My brother is incarcerated... He isn't in for long and it's for doing some pretty dumb stuff a while back but he's there none the less. I've been trying to write him faithfully every morning (when I would usually blog) and send him devotions and word search puzzles. He'll be home the 19th and I should be back on a semi-normal blogging schedule.

So, I'm still here running around like a chicken with it's head cut off behind the scense and I'll be back to normal soon.. I promise!


Suzanne said...

Hi, Julia! Not to seem to write plenty! I enjoy whenever I come by. I'll keep your brother in my prayers..I have a nephew who just got out this past summer after serving time for quite a few years!
Keep writing. That is important, although its up to them to be sick of their messes they get the end, but you offer faith and love when you do that and some others just don't bother. God bless!

Mary B said...

Glad you are took a few minutes to post this...good luck with the poker party! I love having a party, but it is work getting ready!!!

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