Tuesday, March 23, 2010


the cry of joy, the cry of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom, the voice of the bride, the sound of those who brink thank offerings to the house of the LORD, singing, "Give thanks to the Lord of hosts, for the LORD is good; his mercy endures forever." For I will restore this country as of old, says the LORD. >Jeremiah 33:11

This post really started several days ago. I was trying to get my room straight. I've never been a great housekeeper... I mean we don't have food laying around but clutter, clutter, clutter. I was sweeping and I saw a penny on the floor. I never throw away pennies because my Father use to tell me how wasteful that was and how respecting your money can help you financially. So.. I stared at the penny on the floor. I did not want to pick it up.

Sounds silly, I know! But I didn't want to and I was kinda aggravated at myself because I knew I would cave in and pick up that darn penny.

It was then that I realized how lucky I was to have a penny laying around on the floor to pick up. Then there were two dimes not far from there. Kevin waits tables sometimes and ends up with tons of change especially from the bar that fall out of his pants pockets when he drops them on the floor.

This lead me to think about how lucky I am not only to have 21 cents on my floor but to have a floor to begin with. Not a dirt floor but pretty hardwood floors. Plus how lucky I was to have a home. How many people don't have homes. Not just in other countries but here in the US as well. Plus how lucky I am to have electricity, heat, stove, fridge, washer, dryer, fenced in back yard, too many TV's and the list goes on and on. How dare I be so ungrateful that I begrudge picking up a penny on my floor, in my house that is lit up and warm.... good grief!

I've been thinking about this for days and finding so many things in my life to be thankful for. We are so lucky. All of us. so lucky!


Mary B said...

I, too, am very fortunate and blessed. Yet, I also lose sight of my many blessings. Thank you for the reminder of the many blessings in my everyday life, that I miss.

Suzanne said...

Another good and thoughtful post! You are on a roll, lady! :)
I have a sweet story about pennies that you may like and will change your mind forever about pennies. :)
There was a saying long ago.."Pennies from Heaven." Well, I had this older man cousin..more like a grandpa/uncle or something and he was sweet as apple pie! You'd have loved Frank. Well, that was one of his favorite sayings and he was a very very good generous Catholic man and I fully believe he is in Heaven. Well, one day, he told his granddaughter after he handed her a penny..about "pennies from Heaven," and told her when he died and passed on, she'd know he was still with people in prayers and spirit whenever they found a penny if they thought about "pennies from Heaven!" So, one day, not too many months ago, she and I were talking about this and just giggling and thinking about Frank and how good a man he was. Well, right after that..I kid you not, I started finding pennies everywhere..literally everywhere! Odd places..one at a time ..I wasn't looking for them. I might get out of the car and there one would be on the ground. I might walk downstairs and one would be on a stair. It really wasn't where..it was just that it was going on every day! It didn't seem to stop..it was really getting amazing after awhile. Now, you and I ..well we might differ about those pennies, but nevertheless, I believe they were from Frank..somehow. After awhile, I told Frank..I was getting a little freaked out about this and maybe it should stop until further notice. I kid you not, Julia..since those three weeks or so, I have hardly found any pennies in odd places at all...I mean I just don't see the pennies anymore. So who knows, but I didn't really want it to stop..I just wanted to know that maybe if I asked it to stop and later asked Frank for some pennies from Heaven, that he might show me a few again! :) Who knows the funny things that God might allow some good old soul to do on this earth to get our attention from the Heavens..innocent sweet things from a sweet Frank. So, next time you see a penny..hmmm..maybe its from a Frank and Frank is saying prayers for you! ;) That's the way I'll look at it and then the penny will have more meaning than ever before! Lots of love!
PS Hope you don't think your blogging friend has lost her entire mind! Ha!

Thou Art Jules said...

Suzanne! I was sweeping up a mess from the dog knocking something over in the kitchen just now and remembered your story! I completely forgot to comment on it and say thank you!!!

Suzanne said...

You're very very welcome..may we always remember "pennies from Heaven" May you also have a blessed and Holy Easter with your family, Julia.

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