Monday, March 22, 2010


I completely forgot! The homily yesterday was centered around mercy. We read of course about the adultress and Jesus telling them that those without sin should cast the first stone. I have never heard mercy discribed quite like this before and it really makes sense!

That you must qualify to give mercy. Meaning you have to have the ability to do harm or seek revenge (justifiably) in order to be able to grant mercy. The person has to be guilty in order to be merciful. If they did nothing wrong, you aren't being merciful you are being fair and just. He told a story about a woman who was pleading for mercy as her son was scheduled to be put to death. They asked her "what has he done to deserve mercy!?" and of course she responded that if he had done something to deserve mercy - it wouldn't be mercy..

He discussed how it is almost human nature to want revenge when someone does us wrong. It was a wonderful homily and I really enjoyed it!

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evanscove said...

Yes, mercy is mercy precisely because it is undeserved! The Lord shows us mercy because of His love for us, not because we have earned it. Something we must all keep in mind, lest we be tempted to feel proud of ourselves.

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