Thursday, March 4, 2010

Outside My Window.. March 4th

I'm not sure who started this so let me know but I got it from Suzanne's blog and then visited Alexa's blog and got the idea to post a picture or video with it!

Outside my window - Spring is trying to work it's way in here in rural Virginia. The snow has finally melted in all the sunny spots. The hyacinths and daffodils are peeking through the earth. The dirt is so soft and ready! It has been blanketed by over 52 inches of snow total this winter and has been moistened and refreshed like no year I remember. The sun is shining and although weather bug says it's only 31 degrees, it feels warm and inviting. I can't help but continue to go out and poke around doing something today.

I am missing - my hubby today. He has been working extra hours lately and will continue through the weekend. He had a double yesterday through Saturday. I sent him out the door today with some hot coffee in a mug and a clean shirt for his second shift. Poor thing hasn't been getting enough sleep!

I am thankful for - life in general I'd say. The ability to continue to stay home for the time being, to shuffle the kids around to practices, to make homemade meals and to be able to work on the house.

From my kitchen - there isn't much going on in there today. I've brewed coffee and taken out the recycling bins. That's about it! I have a bit of a stomach bug that is making me feel kinda yucky and not very much like cooking.

I am wearing - simple black sweat pants, a springy yellow t-shirt that we got last year at the Chili Blues and Brews event, some fuzzy green, purple and white socks that Casey bought me yesterday :-) Pretty comfy but then again I'll be working in the yard and sanding wood all day so there is no sense in dressing up!

I am creating - just my blog today :-)

I am going - absolutely nowhere if I can help it! Today is definitely a stick close to home day.

Around the house - I can hear the clock ticking. Our two doggies are asleep. One (Jude) is stretched out on the sofa and Pepper is curled up on the loveseat. They look very peaceful even though I've never understood how they can sleep so much!.

One of my favorite things - is my china cabinet. Mainly because I'm looking at it. It was passed down from Kevin's parents when his father passed away. It is not filled with china though but more memorabelia like a chess set that Kevin brought his dad back from Italy when he was in the Navy, some little bunnies that his grandmother made years ago, some collectable figures, some silver items like a pitcher, serving platter etc. I love it because it holds our past and keeps it on display for us and the children to remember. They know it's a special thing when it gets moved to the china cabinet!

A few plans for the rest of the week - I rarely make plans unless it's appointments. I did discover my oldest daughters half brothers on facebook this week. We will be meeting the oldest one and his grandmother for lunch in the next week. He wants to meet Casey before he leaves for the Air Force. I think that could be so good for both of them. I'll have to post later some back story on this but lets just say I'm very happy for her!

Well.. this was fun! Join in!

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