Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow angels...

Yippee! Internet back - check, house clean - check lol, laundry done - check, and even had time to file taxes today!

You guessed it, it is snowing again! I do not ever remember any other year with this much snowfall. Granted I have been complaining every year that it doesn't seem like winter because we weren't getting much snow... I saw a great church sign on the Weather Channel tonight. It said "Whoever is praying for snow - please stop!" Perfect!

I finally got to post my two latest book reviews. I've had them ready to go and was unwilling to type them out on my phone :-) School is already cancelled for tomorrow, they were out Monday and 2 hours delayed today. Plus we have another major snow storm coming this weekend! It looks like just as soon as Kevin decides to go to church with me we wont be able to make it again! Actually I think we will put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and get there one way or another!

It's pretty late and I'm running on fumes so I'll post more tomorrow.


Mary333 said...

So YOUR the reason the country is getting blasted with snow! I'll have to tell my in-laws down in Texas, it was 6 degrees there the other day :)
Nice snow angel. Michaela loves making these!

Thou Art Jules said...

Well.. I guess when you put it that way! lol

I use to blame all of my sinus and allergy issues on the fact that our winters were getting warmer and warmer. So, we will see if my theory was right this year! We got a few inches last night and they have already issued an advisory for another storm coming in Friday with 20+ inches... some people are saying they heard 42 somewhere. I don't have anywhere to go this weekend so as long as the power stays on I'm good :-)

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