Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sacrament of Matrimony

Todays RCIA class (after missing 2 weeks!) was Marriage. What a great topic for Valentine's Day!! This was also my husbands first time back in RCIA and at Mass (not counting Christmas Eve) in 3 years!

I took lots of notes :-) This is just a basic outline of the class today.

We talked quite a bit about grace. If you've followed my blog for long then you will know that I have struggled with understanding grace for some time now. So this made things even more interesting for me.

Basically the idea was that in Marriage we give grace to each other. Your husband represents the face of God to you and You represent the face of God to your husband. What an interesting thought! Our guest speaker asked us to imaging being sarcastic to Gods face or mean or spiteful. He explained it in that way. That it is much harder to do wrong by your spouse when you see them as Holy.

Another interesting point he made was that when everything is said and done here on Earth we would be able to present our spouse (and marriage) to Christ. That really puts a new spin on things! And that we are to sanctify each other.

We also talked about marriage being a journey. That society sees marriage as being disposable. Many couples don't even try to make things work when the going gets rough much less do many succeed. There are wonderful moments, days, months and years but there are tough rows to hoe sometimes.

We talked a little about Marriage and the Domestic Church. About human sexuality and being open to new life.

Any thoughts on the Sacrament of Matrimony you would like to share with me?

All in all it was a very powerful class. I have so much food for thought! I haven't even read the handouts yet! I'm sure I'll be posting more on this subject this week!

I am so grateful!

for the little black book for Lent I got today!
for the bible study class they are doing for Lent that I will be participating in each Wednesday
for my husband's willingness to join us today without me even asking :-)
for the IRS (this year lol)
for all of the Church teachers!
for our visiting Priest today that told us that he is the oldest in our Diocese (95!!) He was a character!
for my family all of them
for pretty pearl earrings as presents :-)
for Our Father Who Art In Heaven
and much much more!!


Sarah - Kala said...

This post is pure heavenly JOY!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Prayers for you this Lenten Season.

Mary333 said...

Great post on marriage! It taught me a few things [things I probably should have known, but didn't]. Your RCIA class sounds like a good one. When my husband converted to Catholicism the priest who taught the RCIA class was great. I learned new stuff from Randy that I hadn't known before. God bless you on your journey :)

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