Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent begins

I've not been doing my homework! I have to say that although our class on Sunday was great, I feel a little lost coming into Lent. Sort of like trying to put together a piece of furniture (some assembly required) without a instruction manual. I feel ill equipped.. perhaps we all do though!

So, I am attending a Lenten Bible study starting tomorrow. I plan to attend every Wednesday during Lent. I have also been doing some reading about fasting. I've never ever fasted in my life. Should be interesting! I think my mind was going behind my back and telling my body about this because I have been eating like a total pig for 2 days! Seriously... I'm not a binge eater - really! But I think I ate 4 or 5 cupcakes today. I never do that!

I've printed out information for tomorrows group. I didn't realize that we had things to do beforehand so I'll probably be up late. I need to find a new binder. I have an obsession with keeping paperwork and I have a binder for RCIA, RCIC and now for Bible study. I'm excited. I know I will learn so much plus it will be a great chance to meet people! We really don't get the chance to meet many people outside of our RCIA group.

I've been thinking that I also need to set aside at least 1 hour each day for prayer, readings and reflection during Lent. This will take discipline but being out of work right now I have no excuse not to! I should be attending daily Mass as well for that matter. I have the little black book and really need to get into my Bible. I'm buckling down starting tomorrow!

Unfortunately I wont be able to make the 12:05 Mass like I had planned. I have to take my oldest to an appointment. So, it'll be the 7:30 which will be packed! I'm excited though and I am pretty sure that Kevin and Brandon will be going as well.

I'm exhausted tonight and still need to do this work before Bible study tomorrow so I'm going to run. I know I have comments to reply to and some new blogs to check out!!! Thank you all for promoting my contest and introducing me to some new and wonderful friends!

God Bless!

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Suzanne said...

I'm sure you will benefit someway during this Lent. Your planned efforts are good..now I need to go and make some of my own. God bless you too!

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