Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yo Yo

So much to say! Since I'm typing on my phone I plan to just type until my fingers cramp :-)

This week in RCIA we discussed confirmation. We are alternating and doing sacraments every other week. In between we are doing other topics like prayer, communion of Saints etc. I was interested to learn more about confirmation. My children will not receive confirmation in high school like others. But, I learned that it has not always been that way and that there are still parts of the world that give the sacrament earlier.

One member of our class asked a really good question. She wanted to know why we do first communion prior to confirmation. Logically it would seem like we would do confirmation before first communion. Nobody seemed to know a good answer until another classmate mentioned that he thinks it was done in that order in the Bible. Now that makes sense!

I'm feeling much more comfortable in class. It takes me a very long time to feel comfortable with people I don't know. I have also started to aquire a rather nice sized collection of prayer cards! I love them!

I am also working on learning the nicene creed. I'm getting there!

I have a question for anyone still reading :-) there is a song that is sung at Mass it seems almost every Sunday. I believe it is all in latin. Every Sunday when the congregation sings it my son and I just look at each other because we have no clue! What is this song?

RCIC this week was different! First off, my husband went with us! Then Father Burt joined us! It wasn't the usual class because they did a question and answer session with Fr. Burt. It was nice to get to know him better! At one point before Becky introduced him, he was just sitting back with the parents and he turned to Kevin and said hello etc. And asked him if he was Catholic... Kevin surprised me by answering "not yet."

Not just no but not yet!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be my last meeting with Deacon Jim for the annulment. Now I just pray for the Lords timing on the answer.

It has been a tough week but full of so many blessings!


Therese said...

Sounds all wonderful to me! God is good!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I'm trying to think what hymn might be sung in Latin every week. Sometimes the priest at the little chapel where I often go for daily Mass will sing parts of the Mass in Latin (actually one of them is in Greek). The first is early in the Mass. It's really a repetition of three phrases: Lord,have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy. In Greek it's (not sure of spelling) Kyrie elaison, Christe elaison, Kyrie elaison. The second is the "Holy Holy" in Latin--Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.... And the third is the Lamb of God in Latin--(right before Communion)--Agnus Dei, qui tollis pecata mundi...

Otherwise, maybe the priest has a favorite Latin hymn!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Just had another thought. There are several Spanish hymns that are very popular. Might it be one of those? One that I particularly like intersperses Spanish and English. It's called Pan de Vida (Bread of Life).

Thou Art Jules said...

Sr. Anne Marie, That's it! Its The Lamb of God :-)

Thank you! Now that I know what it is, we can learn it

Mary333 said...

They sing in Latin at my Church, too. My mom sings in the choir but I don't know how she remembers all the Latin. The Kyrie elaison is the only one I have been able to memorize:) It's called The Mass Of the Angels when they sing it in Latin, even the Gloria. I love it!

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