Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 13th Day

I really miss putting pictures in my posts! I will have to see how I can do that from my phone...

Last night was the 1st annual chili cookoff for our parish. Kevin placed forth and received Honorable Mention and the judges named his chili "Nuclear Chili" because it turned out way too spicy! My jalapeno cornbread was a hit as well. However, I learned the meaning of "jalapeno hands" and I will NEVER handle them without gloves. Turns out the oil can literally burn your skin and I was in extreme pain for about an hour and a half.

We watched The 13th Day afterwards. It was a very good movie! I think it really spoke to Kevin. I am so thankful that he went with me. He met some people and maybe realized that "real men" do indeed go to church and that most of them are just normal people like us :-)

We had another horrible talk with Katelin last night. She is still really fighting going to church. It seems to spike when someone from school says "hey, I think you go to my church." She had a meltdown and said that she feeld like she is living a lie because people assume she is Christian or Catholic and she is not. I don't know what to do to make this better for her. I was thinking of maybe trying to set up some times for her to talk to someone other than me about it,,,,

I'm getting crampy fingers so that's all for now. I need post later about what I found out about persuing a degree in religious education.

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Therese said...

no advice, just prayers!

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