Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This week in RCIA

This week in RCIA we basically had open topic. But, we watched some homilies of Father Corapi. Wow! He is really something! We also discussed another upcoming rite. I think they may have gotten them backwards because the first one was called the Rite of Welcome and I think maybe it was really the Rite of Acceptance? Who knows I just know that we have another one coming up. I can't remember when but I marked it on my RCIA calendar.
We don't have any more classes until after New Years but there is an Adult Ed class next week. I think they are watching Fulton Sheen videos. I'm not sure if they will have some type of discussion afterwards or not.
Last week we went over the Liturgical year. That was pretty interesting stuff!
We also got the good news that the children came come into the church this Easter as well! We thought they were going to have to wait until next Easter.
We've had so many answers to prayer since my last post! I know that when I see even one I've probably missed 100 because I wasn't paying attention but I feel really extra blessed this week! I had a doctors visit and she made some medicine changes etc. I haven't been posting much because after a conversation with someone in RCIA this week I started to wonder if I should be putting so much personal stuff in this blog or if I should just be writing about my RCIA journey and leave the personal stuff to my pen and paper journal.
Peace be with you! :-)


Katie said...

I LOVE Fr. Corapi! He's such an honest and inspirational person!

Suzanne said...

I love Father Corapi too! He also gives hope where our confused children are concerned. We pray that God will be as merciful as we are willing to take the time to pray for them. Father Corapi says his mother prayed the rosary all the time. He really loves the rosary.

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