Friday, December 4, 2009

From my pen and paper journal

I've been trying to read each day in The Little Blue Book - Advent and Christmas Seasons.

Today talks about Elizabeth concieving as the angel had promised her. Perhaps that is why I feel so lost so often. Maybe I expect too much. A bigger sign, a bigger presence. An angel! Maybe life is so busy that I miss the small signs. I feel like I don't know how to feel the Lords presence...

Todays reading also talks about giving thanks. I do remember to do this daily - all through out the day.

I am thankful...

for my children - They are all so healthy, smart and beautiful. They are creative, thoughtful and so special. Would I be less thankful if they were not healthy? If they were having incredible problems? No way!

for my husband - He is so loving, kind and patient. He puts up with my erratic behavior and moods. He loves me as I am.

for my home! - It is warm, we have lights, running water, a refridgerator, stove, washer, dryer, warm water for long baths, soft beds, a computer lol! I have the ability to iron our clothes, hang them, wash and dry them indoors!

for my family - my parents are still living and so kind and supportive.

for our vehicles - we are blessed with two! They aren't new and they aren't perfect but they get us places too far to walk to. They protect us while traveling from rain, snow and cold.

for schools and teachers - who care for and help educate my children during the day

for the trash man!

for the mail lady

for the little convenience store right down the road

for police, fire and rescue workers

for our military men and women and their families

for socks and shoes to keep my cold feel a little bit warmer

for our church, priests, teachers and our church family

I could go on and on!

for hot apple cider

for roses that still bloom in December!

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