Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th

What a weird day! Started off great, lots of energy, feeling good! Then I got all shakey and not feeling right just like my old "episodes" but maybe not as severe. I tried to lay down and eventually it went away. Started taking some of the Christmas decorations upstairs. I do know that Christmas is not over but getting rid of some of this stuff has seemed to free me up to do more reading and spend more time in prayer. I know.. that doesn't make sense. It's almost like I have a hard time separating the commercial holiday from the Holy day...

Todays reading from My Daily Visitor -

Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice! - Psalm 96:11

The reading today talks about making decisions. How we make some decisions almost on auto pilot and then some require much more contemplation, wisdom and prayer. Of course it speaks of Saint Thomas Becket.

I was recently talking to someone about decisions. How I feel that everything happens for a reason. Not necessarily because we had to experience this specific event per say but perhaps that this event gets us where we need to be from where ever we are. Sometimes I think our decisions get us off course but we can always get back on course. Sometimes it's just a little more difficult than others!

I don't make decisions well. Sure some are automatic but many get me downright stumped. My Mother once reminded me that not making a decision is actually making a decision! How true. I think I'm getting better about it though. I try to pray more with my decision making but being a perfectionist I often question the decision before I make it... that didn't make sense.. but to me it did lol

My puppy has turned into a real terror lately. He's worse than a two year old!

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