Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today was a lovely day! It started out rainy, dreary and so cold! Thankfully it cleared up but the chill stayed. I got the kids together and to classes only a few minutes late... imagine being late even with an extra hour!

They moved our class into a new room because we have too many people for the regular sized classroom! Very nice! We had snacks and coffee there too. Not that I need food to go to class but it was nice. I think I'll start taking something each week to share.

We've been wanting to try the 11:30 Mass since returning. It use to be my favorite Mass. It also makes sense because we are there right before it starts anyway. It was nice but very different than the 5:30 Mass we are use to. Brandon enjoys singing the songs better at the 5:30 Mass lol

They are starting RCIC classes on the 10th. We will be having them every Tues after the 5:30 Mass that evening. I have voluntered to help. I consider this another commitment that will keep me faithful to the process :-)

We didn't make it to Dads today with the mud and rain. But we did get to see my Mother in law who I haven't seen in an embarassingly long time. It was a nice visit and we talked about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.

In RCIA we use the Essentials of the Faith book. I have started taking each chapter during the week and copying the questions and answers at the end of each chapter on paper in my binder. Also looking up the scriptures that the book talks about. I'm hoping this will concrete things into my mind and help me remember what we've read. A few people have mentioned putting a "suggestion" box in the classroom so that people can anonymously ask questions. I'm thinking of making one this week. It seems like a great idea!

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