Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week in review

We have a few traditions for the entire holiday season. Each year I realize that we have more traditions than I thought we had! One such tradition is the annual Christmas Parade that is held downtown. We are blessed to have a bizillion churches in our town so our parade always has a Christian theme. This year was a stretch though because the theme was Rock 'n Roll Christmas lol

OK, this is by far one of the worst pictures I think we've ever taken! We are just learning how to use this new camera and some photos turn out fabulous and others leave alot to be desired! This is the gang minus hubby since he was operating the camera. You can see here that David did not want to participate in the parade this year and has obviously been forced to attend :-) He did end up having fun and scored tons of candy!

We finished up his in-home counseling this week. Yesterday evening was our last session and it was bittersweet. I'm so happy that we wont have to schedule life around 3 counseling sessions each week but I will really miss the ladies we were working with! We had pizza and took pictures and got lots of hugs!

I'm off to paint for a fellow today and get some more Christmas cash coming in :-)

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