Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I've learned about children this week....

Well, not really just this week! If you have been following my blog you already know that we have a new son! If not, here is a little background.

Back in June of this year an old friend of my son showed up at our house. We loved this kid! He use to be practically a member of the family for the 3 years he lived a few blocks away. Then his family moved, and moved back and he grew up and started getting in trouble. He stayed away for that first year back and we didn't see him. His family stayed at the mission for over half of that year.

Long story short - we were given custody of him officially on July 26th of this year. It has been an adjustment but really and truly it's been great!

I have learned through this experience how important it is to be authentic with your children! For heavens sake, don't lie to them!

I've noticed that David doesn't believe alot of what I tell him. Sometimes it's little things like what he is suppose to wear to an event and sometimes it's bigger things like when something is missing and he thinks I've taken it. He doesn't trust adults and most importantly he doesn't trust parental figures.

I went to sleep sad last night. He probably went to bed feeling assured. He found what he was looking for and I explained to him that if I tell him a lie it's either 1. I'm joking! Like I will say "no.... I didn't eat that" with a funny look on my face because I'm playing or 2. I'm surprising you! Like if I buy you something and don't want you to know about it yet. I may lie to protect the secret for the time being.

But, never will I lie to you about something serious. If I take something of yours it would be for a reason and I would tell you!

I don't know if he will ever trust me completely and he deserves to trust his parents...

Please be authentic with your children. It may seem like a little white lie here or there doesn't matter but it really can alter their ability to trust in the future.

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Sister Mary Martha said...

Yep, Mother Teresa is perfect.

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