Saturday, March 27, 2010

Road Trip?

So, several years ago we I was offered a position with the home party company I sold for. We drove up to Pennsylvania and checked out the area and agreed that it was a chance we just had to take. So, we rented a rowhouse and I moved up in March. In July the rest of the family joined me. I would drive home on weekends. After several months there, my fathers health started failing and we decided to move back home. Luckily we had decided to keep the house here for a year before we made any decisions.

Minersville, PA was like a place out of an old TV show. The kids walked to school and back every day. It was a safe place where children could walk to the store, to the football games etc. They flourished! Well, all but the oldest who found trouble where ever she went :-) Many times since the move back I have missed the innocence of the area.

Casey took a week off from work and went up there with some friends. Things aren't going well though and she wants to come home. So, it looks like we might be making an impromptu, one day, 11 hour round trip to PA tomorrow! The good thing is hopefully we can all see a friend or two. Bad thing, there isn't room in the car for everyone. Someone will have to stay home... now we have to decide who.

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Colleen said...

Have a safe trip!

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