Monday, March 15, 2010


This week in RCIA we had one of my favorite ladies presenting the topic of confession. We all (12 or so of us) in class will be having our first confession next Sunday!

We talked about sin in the Old Testament. Sacrifices were made for sin and guilt. Guilt offerings and Sin offerings. In those times apparently you would lay your hand on the animal and your sin was transferred to the animal which was sacrificed. Sin was covered in those days not removed as now since Jesus died on the cross for us.

She suggested that we read Hebrews which I plan to start on today.

We talked briefly about sacraments in general and I jotted down some new phrases or things I may have forgotten.

Eucharist - is participating in the renewal of the entire church
Matrimony - imitates heavenly relationships
Baptism - makes you priest, prohpet and king
Reconciliation - brings you back into harmony with the church, God etc

It restores your relationship with god
and is the 2nd plank of salvation

We discussed how all sin damages your relationship with God

We discussed Mortal sin which I always remember by thinking of that old video game Mortal Combat. Mortal = kills

We talked about Venial sin and how it tends to collect on us which is why going to confession regularly is a good thing to do.

Also sins of omission and how hard they can be to remember.

We talked about the reasons for confession when protestant churches teach that sin is between you and God. I personally believe the church teaching on this and further believe that it must make you feel better as well! It has to take a load off!

She also said that if you feel the need to explain your sin you should probably make an appointment with your priest for a session because you might need to discuss it further. Either that or you aren't truly sorry yet because you are still defending your actions.

She talked about how important it is to remember that it is God we are offending. We need to be sorry for offending Him. This is the only thing that might be tough for me. It will probably take some practice to see my sins as sins against God and not against my neighbor/brother/sister etc.

They sent us home with information about examinaton of conscience to start getting ready. After last night I have more to add to my current list since I was about 12! lol

I'm excited about this although I don't think 1 hour with 1 priest next Sunday will be enough :-) Hopefully they are setting aside more time and have some help coming for Fr. Burt!

I'd love to hear anything you have to say about confession!!! I love learning from your comments, experience and wisdom.

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Mary B said...

Being raised in a different faith, I have always found reconciliation a bit of a challenge. I usually end up making an appointment with the priest to discuss whatever my issues are...I always feel better after we talk.

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