Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - #1

This is my first Quick Takes Friday :-)

1. My son Brandon who is in his first year of Middle School was chosen for one of 5 open spots in the Junior High District Chorus! He is so excited and such a wonderful singer! He was one of the only 6th graders who received a part in the school musical that actually sang a solo. He's got big things coming for him in that arena I believe!

2. My husband is my hero! See this post. He works double shifts on his feet to support us. He changes lightbulbs for me, fixes the door on my Jeep when I mess it up, brings me a drink and gives me kisses. All in one week! I'm sure there is more I'm not remembering that he does to keep his hero status around here.

3. Casey, my oldest got her "for real" drivers license on Monday! Here in Virginia you have to take drivers education plus a behind the wheel course that costs a pretty penny. Once you are done with that you mail in a form and they send you a court date. The judge presents the drivers license to the parent and lets the children know that they are responsible for their actions and that actions have consequences. It was pretty neat and she is so proud of herself!

4. Katelin is off from her practice schedule for two weeks which means we have her around the house a little more.

5. I made homemade butter! I sent some to my sister in law and to Mom.

6. I have finished stripping all of the trim that I have taken down. Now on to sanding :-)

7. I realized that I have been using the computer to "escape" and am making a real effort not to get on it when the kids are home anymore!

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Suzanne said...

Hey!!! I received my package today! Thank you fun. Now, off to read.......

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