Tuesday, January 19, 2010

preparing for Lent

This is my third time participating in the RCIA process. I have officially been a candidate since 2006 (I can't help but laugh at myself every time I say that!) But, I have never made it through the entire Lenten season.

I have been looking for ideas for teaching the kids about Lent and so far am finding some great things.

I really want to give up something significant this year. I mean something that I will really struggle with. I smoke.. so that's an option. I have to have my Diet Pepsi at all times so that is an option. I also completely flip out if I cannot get to a computer.. that is definitely an option! So I have some great ideas already and am looking forward to the coming season.

What are some things that you have given up in past years? How hard was it?

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Sarah - Kala said...

Well, you do not have to give up something like an actual object. You could give up gossiping, for example . . . and when you catch yourself, praise God by saying an Our Father. Retrain yourself to think differently, behave differently. It is painful to do, trust me! Lent isn't just about giving up soda or coffee - if giving those up make you a "monster" there's nothing gained for Heaven or yourself (making everyone else miserable with you). Just my two cents.

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