Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goings on this week

I'm reading alot lately. I have different books in different parts of the house! :-)

Well, our RCIA program is on Sundays. I'm kinda bummed about that but only because I'm being selfish and lazy. I admit it. I will need to start going to the 8:30 Mass so that I can attend directly after. They use to be on Thursday nights which was oh so convenient!

Brandon my youngest is interested in singing with the Youth Choir. We might have to postpone that until next year as they meet at 4 and sing at the 5:00 Mass. Sure we could pull it off. We'll see how things go.

I got an email today that the kids can go to CCD classes. I wasn't sure if they could. They are also trying to get together an RCIC program for them! How awesome is that! Now, my 15 year old daughter isn't feeling very positive about this at all!

I've been struggling the last few months about my faith. I am always drawn back to the Catholic Church. Always! But I would continue to doubt myself.. should I take the kids to a few different churches and see which ones we like the most? Should I check out all the websites and youth programs? Should I check out a new church each Sunday for them but keep going to the 5:00 Mass for me? I have been praying on this for a few weeks now. I feel like the progress we are making with the RCIC programs, CCD and the Youth Choir are pretty clear indicators that we are headed in the right direction whether the kids know it yet or not! :-)

Here we come Lord!


Sarah - Kala said...

Keep them close to you in the Catholic Faith. It will all come together. They cannot reject what they do not know as of yet. They need their Faith explained and lived first . . . confirmation is when they really decide. It's harder on them when they are older and not necessarily raised Catholic. But, the struggle is worth it.

God bless you all.

Katie said...

Those thoughts are definitely normal. The closer you get to God the harder Satan tries to pull you away. Have you read my conversion story? I deal with some of the "should I church shop?" feelings :)

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